[APK] Inbox By Gmail Gets New Snooze Features

For the folks out there that get a lot of emails, but don’t always want to deal with them as they come in, the ability to make it go away until a later time is a helpful feature.
The “Snooze” feature is one that makes managing the inbox much easier, and now Inbox by Gmail is getting even better thanks to new options within the feature. The official Gmail team has revealed even more options for users to choose when they want to dismiss an email until a later time or date.

First up, Snooze is getting two new options: Later this week and This weekend. These two options get added to what was already there: Later today, Tomorrow, Next week, and Someday. The Gmail team hopes that these new options will help reduce the need to use a custom Snooze option.

However, users will be able to pick a specific time during the weekend that works best for you to receive emails, too.
You can grab the latest update from below, either from Play Store or sideload it via APK :

What do you think of the new additions?

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