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[Leaked] Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Will Come in Three Colors

[Leaked] Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Will Come in Three Colors

Well, well looks like we have more renders of the Galaxy S7 Edge. There’s really not much more to hide at this point, as we’ve seen images showing off the curved sides of the device and nearly every detail about the phone and its smaller sibling have been leaked at this point.

These renders do give a pretty good indication of the colors we can expect to see Samsung unveil this time around. We have the titanium silver that’s been popular on some of the company’s international models, as well as the solid black (no more blue-ish tint!) and the champagne gold that’s becoming increasingly popular. Everything else is in line with what we’ve seen, including the softer curves and stark resemblance of last year’s Galaxy S6.

Do any of these colors have you ready to throw down some cash on a pre-order later this month? Personally, I’m a big fan of white/silver phones, but the titanium gray might be a nice replacement if Samsung decides to drop a totally plain white phone this time around.

Source: Evan Blass (Twitter)

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