[APK] WhatsApp 2.12.506 Gets New Settings Screen

[APK] WhatsApp 2.12.506 Gets New Settings Screen

WhatsApp is updating their apps frequently and it seems that the team is on a roll of updates, both big and small. After adding document support last week and introducing a bunch of UI modifications, it's now time for the Settings screen which has never seen any real drastic changes in recent times. It switched to Material Design when the whole app interface did and it got a few additions here and there as the app has gotten more features, but the Settings screen never got any uplift.

Today, WhatsApp Version 2.12.506 introduces a big UI change to the Settings screen. Apart from the new green icons and more spaced out elements, the most noticeable difference is a prominent placement for the profile settings, which should make it more straightforward for new users to find the option to change their profile photo, name, and status.

Left: Old Right: New

There are some other changes as well like in the main list are the addition of Data usage as a top level item, the renaming of Help to the more appropriate About and help while also pushing it down toward the bottom of the list, and the renaming of Chats and calls to just Chats since the only call setting has been moved to another section.

There are also some subtle changes like the profile picture is now round instead of square, and changing it is a more obvious step thanks to the new FAB-like camera icon. A green edit icon replaces the old grey one and the phone number is now displayed along with the status which you can tap to modify as well.

Left: New profile settings. Right: Payment info is gone from Account.

Payment info has now been completely removed from the settings because WhatsApp made their app free. Also the new Data usage section is where all data-related settings have been moved to, from the Network usage totals of the app to the Media auto-download settings for data and Wi-Fi, and the Call settings for low data usage.

Media auto-download and Call settings have moved from Chats to the new Data usage menu. 
It might take you a minute to familiarize yourself with the new settings organization, but I find it makes a lot more sense than the previous one. Profile settings are more visually obvious and the new data section brings all of the corresponding settings into a single screen.

Remember that you'll need to be part of the Play Store beta program or to manually download the APK from APK Mirror to get version 2.12.506. We are not sure whether these changes will make into the final update or not.
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