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Alleged Moto G4 Leaks With Fingerprint Scanner On Front

Alleged Moto G4 Leaks With Fingerprint Scanner On Front

Motorola's most popular series was the G series, recently they launched Moto G3 and it was a good phone. But are you ready for Moto G4 leak? We’ve seen it in a subway and in a heavily doctored photo. Now it’s leaking again to show off the square front-facing fingerprint scanner the device will have.
 That end of the device doesn’t really reveal much of anything else that’s new or interesting, but the rear of the device does. We can see Lenovo is deciding to keep that iconic M logo fixated on the back, albeit with a less-pronounced dimple than we’re used to on Moto’s devices.

We also see Motorola decided to stick with the slab of glass that acts as a plate for the camera sensor and flash. We’re going to assume the Moto G4 will continue the trend of having interchangeable backplates for customization, but there might not be much need for many assumptions — there seems to be a gap between the camera plate that gives us a heavy whiff of “removable.”

Beyond that, it looks ordinary. It’s supposed to be affordable, so we weren’t expecting anything attractive but a good-looking price tag.

Source: Weibo (in Chinese) via HelloMotoHKNowhereelse 

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