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[Download] HTC 10 Wallpapers

[Download] HTC 10 Wallpapers
HTC is still away from unveiling the HTC 10, but since when has that ever stopped the Android community from getting their hands on the goodies? In the latest release of intel, a well known HTC leaker has published a gathering of wallpapers that will be included on the HTC 10. In my own personal opinion, they are way better than anything you will ever find on Samsung device, so here’s your chance to rock them before the phone is even announced. 

As of right now, a total of 13 wallpapers have been leaked, but there may be more down the road. A few are quite similar to what we have seen from HTC in the past, but a lot of the wallpapers bring a bit of new flavor. They are sized largely at 2880 x 2560 for very high resolution displays, making them perfect for any device rocking a QHD panel.

Note : These are just previews which means not at full resolution, they are little compressed so better hit the download link to get it in full resolution.

To get the full resolution files on your own device, use the download link below, extract the wallpapers, then apply them on your smartphone.

Download Link

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