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Google Introduces Snap-And-Go MODE Watch Bands for Android Wear

Google Introduces Snap-And-Go MODE Watch Bands for Android Wear

Google introduced MODE watch bands for Android Wear today, as an attempt to make swapping watch bands easier than ever on not only your smartwatch, but your regular timepiece as well. MODE watch bands include a snap-and-go mechanism that allows you to swap styles in a matter of seconds, without the need for a tool or awkward sideways slide. 

MODE is a brand of wristbands for the various Android Wear watches you can buy at the Google Store. The bands snap on with a clasp mechanism. All you need to do is press the small button on the underside of the wristband, attach it to the mode adapter, and let go. Done.

At the Google Store, you select your watch so Google can determine the size, and then you’re whisked off to the array of selections at your disposal. To start, Google has either leather or silicone bands in a variety of different colors:
Leather Bands
This is a great step for Google. Their “be together, not the same” mantra mostly celebrated the sheer amount of choice you get for Android devices, so giving people the ability to exercise that same choice for wristbands is a no-brainer. The company placed great importance on the ease with which you can swap bands, so using different bands to go with different outfits doesn’t have to be a chore.

Silicon Bands
Leather mode bands will run you $59.99 each, while the Silicone models will run $10 cheaper. You can grab them straight from Google or Amazon online, but if you’re more of a brick and mortar person you’ll be happy to learn that Best Buy will be carrying them, as well.