[APK] Android N Preview 3 Brings Google Keyboard 5.1: Themes And Emojis Abound

Buried inside the the new Android N Developer Preview 3 is the new Google Keyboard 5.1, a slight bump in version number from the recent v5.0 that rolled out a few weeks back. We weren’t exactly expecting a bunch of new features this soon after the big 5.0 push, but one in particular should bring customizers some joy – themes and custom keyboards! 
 If you install and open the new Google Keyboard, you will now find a section called "Themes” where Google not only included a handful of new colorful layouts, but there is an option that allows you to create a custom keyboard back with your own image.
Google Keyboard 5.1 is compatible with Android N, but we've also sideloaded it on Marshmallow and verified it to work there. Theoretically, it should work as far back as Android 4.2, so let us know if you have a Lollipop or JellyBean device and you get it installed there.
However, you'll only get the themes on pre-N devices. That's because the new emojis are part of the Android N system image and font, so just like you can't view them on your Marshmallow devices and below, you also won't be able to type them there. Not fun, I know.
Here's the file on APK Mirror for all your sideloading pleasure.

Download Link (v5.1.07)
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