[APK] Google Keyboard Gets A Massive Update To v5.0 With One-Handed Mode, Key Borders, New Gestures, And More

[APK] Google Keyboard Gets A Massive Update To v5.0 With One-Handed Mode, Key Borders, New Gestures, And More
In the world of Android keyboard aren't the most anticipated things, but yet you use them everyday or we can say every minute. Google have their own separate keyboard as Google Keyboard which hasn't been updated with any new features except bug fixing till yet. Today, Google released v5.0 which is rolling out to users and it is massive with lots of tweaks, UI tweaks, new features like gestures and much more.
Here is the changelog of what we found in the new update, feel free to comment below and let us know about if we missed any :
  • Option to show key border, no more holo themes
  • One-handed mode
  • Long-press for hinted symbols can be toggled
  • Adjustable keyboard height in settings
  • New first-run experience
  • Opt-in and a setting for sharing snippets with Google to improve the keyboard for everyone
  • Long-press and drag to remove suggestions from suggestion bar
  • Gesture Typing:
  • Dynamic floating preview removed (preview in suggestion bar now)
  • Delete whole words by sliding left from delete key
  • Gesture cursor control by sliding left/right on space bar
  • Faster access to numpad and emoji
As you can see from the changelog this update is clearly massive. Google also tweaked the UI of the keyboard, now you can enable or disable the key borders on the both theme which is material light and dark. If you don't like the borders you can revert back or if you like the borders which is being used by the all OEM's keyboard you can enable it back. The old HOLOYOLO themes are gone, the both blue and white has been removed from the theme section because you don't need them anyway, now that you have key borders. You can also change the height of the keyboard in the settings menu.

Google also added a one-handed mode to this version of the keyboard (see top). It's accessible with a long-press on the comma (see below) on the search/enter button. It's also in settings. The handedness of the keyboard can be changed with the arrow button. There's also a button for going back to full-screen mode. The alt/number layout also has new buttons for quick access to the numpad and emoji keyboard now. They're on either side of the space bar.
The other big change is in the gesture typing menu. By default, you'll now see dynamic suggestions in the suggestion bar instead of floating along with your finger. The toggle for the floating preview is gone, obviously. There's a new gesture now that deletes entire words with a swipe left from the delete key. Go slowly and words will be highlighted one at a time. Let go, and they're gone. Very neat—almost as neat as the new cursor control gesture. Yes, no more fiddling with that selection handle when you're just a letter or two off. Just tap and drag left and right to move the cursor. Anything that pops up in the suggestion bar (gesture or not) can be long-pressed and dragged to a trash can (it appears above the keyboard) if you want to remove it.
Also whenever you will long into an app or an website. When you click or tap on the password box, the suggestion bar will become a number row which is super-handy I think. There is also full unicode-9 support in the keyboard for the emojis.

As you already know, Google is rolling this update out in stages. 
All of these features are available in version v5 of the app and it can be downloaded from Play Store or manually download the APK from APK Mirror. And don't try this APK on Android N, it won't work. We'll update this post if we come across any more important changes.
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