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[APK] Instagram Updated to v8.0 With New Icon, Simpler Layout

Instagram underwent a major update on Android today bringing a refreshed design.

We weren’t complaining about the old version of the Instagram app, but Instagram thought it was a good time to change things up. The update is live in the Play Store now. You’ll notice a change right off the bat with Instagram’s new icon (pictured above) that’s far more colorful than the previous one. Instagram has also swapped in new icons for its creative apps Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse.

The big design changes lie inside the app, which puts simplicity at the forefront of focus without changing the way you navigate. This way Instagram users who already know their way around the app won’t have to relearn where everything is. Photos and videos are now at the epicenter of focus. 
Instagram mentioned that the “updated look reflects how vibrant and diverse your storytelling has become.” Instagram hopes the new version lets people connect in new ways and make shared experiences fell more true to life.

The update is now live and can be grabbed from Google Play Store or sideload it from here.