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[Download] Google I/O 2016 App Updated With Every Info

We’re about 2 weeks away from Google IO 2016, and many of you will likely be relying on your smartphones and tablets to keep your heads on straight during the big developers’ conference. Well, Google has what we’ve been waiting for: the annual update to their Google IO app!

The update is now available over at Google Play, and it features everything you need to navigate the conference whether you’re attending in person or remotely. You’ll get schedules, maps, session notifications and video (after the sessions and events have concluded) to make sure you’re up to speed on everything no matter where you are. Filters will make it easy for you to find only the sessions you care about.
For you developers out there interested in the yearly code dump, we’re not sure if Google is going to be releasing the source code for this year’s version of the app, but considering it hasn’t changed much compared to last year’s. For everyone else, enjoy everything it has to offer on the surface!
Download on Google Play: Google IO 2016

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