List of Android Wear Watches Getting Android Wear 2.0 Update

Google came prepared for I/O 2016 and packed the keynote with a few exciting announcements. Many of these, however, like the new Daydream VR platform in Android left us wondering about availability and support. 

The same goes for Android Wear 2.0, which was showcased on stage in an impressive presentation of new features, but we never got word on whether and when we will experience it on our smartwatch. But the question remains: which devices are going to get the update? This is exactly what user konrad-iturbe on Reddit set out to do and the following are his findings thus far:



  • LG G Watch (original): No (confirmed by LG)
  • LG G Watch R: Likely (seen on LG’s site)
  • LG G Watch Urbane: Likely (seen on LG’s site)
  • LG G Watch Urbane 2nd gen: Yes (Developer Preview available)


  • ASUS ZenWatch: Unclear, but unlikely
  • ASUS ZenWatch 2: Likely


  • Moto 360: Unclear
  • Moto 360 2nd gen.: Likely (Android site shows Moto 360 2nd gen. with Wear 2.0)
  • Moto 360 Sport: Unclear


  • Fossil Q Founder: Unclear, but likely


Tag Heuer:

  • Tag Heuer Connected: Yes (confirmed by Tag)


  • Casio WSD F10: Unclear, but likely


  • Huawei Watch: Yes (Developer Preview available)
We’ll be keeping this list updated as the Android Wear 2.0 release draws nearer. Huge credits to our source 9 to 5 Google.
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