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[Updated]Google Lists Specific Death Dates Of Android Updates For Nexus Device

When Google releases a device, it also supports it's Android software updates for two years following the launch of a device. This goes for pretty much every OEM, although, not every device sees that type of support. However, when it comes to Nexus devices, the company is usually quite good about supporting its smartphones and tablets.

As Google lists on their support page this week, Google is now detailing the timeframes that owners of these particular devices should start really thinking about an upgrade. For Nexus phones and tablets, the Android software updates will last “at least” two years, but for security patches, the updates will continue for about three years after launch. 
To cite the list, this means that the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X should see support into the deep part of 2017, but sadly, Google is dropping the Nexus 9 is soon, this October. Oddly enough, many will note that the Nexus 6 (the whale) is not listed. Why this is, who knows, but I suspect it will also see the update support for at least two years, which would be around November of this year.

Google usually announces their Nexus device around October, we should have new Nexus devices announced in the coming months. New Nexus phones are always something to get hyped about.

Update : Nexus 6 Added

Google updated their list and added Nexus 6 to their list with a date of October 2016.

Source : Google

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