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[Download] 9 Wallpapers of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is getting ready to launch their next monster which will be Note 7 and we now have the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 wallpapers for you to download: right here, right now. There’s the few S Pen walls you’ve likely already seen, along with some new pastel geometric wallpapers you likely haven’t. Hit the thumbs below to launch the full resolution Galaxy Note 7 wallpapers and enjoy.

The Galaxy Note 7 is due to be officially unveiled at a launch event in New York City on August 2. Pre-orders for the as-yet unannounced device are already live in the UAE and the leaks are coming in thick and fast. Reportedly featuring an iris scanner, new S Pen features and refined design, what we’ve seen so far is certainly adding up to one compelling device.

Note: We converted the files from PNG format to JPG to reduce file size and shorten page loading times, but if you want the full PNG originals, you can grab them here.