[APK]Snapseed Updated to 2.9 With New Toosl and UI Improvements

Google just updated Snapseed to v2.9 with all the benefits of the RAW to the iOS and Android through the application Snapseed. 

The new RAW tool opens automatically when Snapseed detects a RAW file and works seamlessly with other Snapseed tools, such as Healing, Brushes, Frames, Text, HDR or Details. Editing changes can be saved non-destructively, or exported as a plain JPG in high quality. Some of the available adjustments for RAW include Structure, Tint, Shadow control, Exposure (-4.0 to 4.0 f-stops), and Temperature (1.700°K to over 8.000°K). Anyone using Snapseed 2.9 and an Apple USB SD card photo adapter or WiFi SD card can now work with RAW images. 
In addition to this addition reserved iOS users, of both versions has been introduced a new tool for retouching faces, allowing you to enhance the effect of the reflected light, smooth the skin and add clarity to the eyes.

Also on Android: new Perspective and White Balance tools. Perspective straightens lines in your image by removing the perspective effect from the original image. White Balance offers fine color balance control with pinpoint precision via an eye dropper tool.

Finally, in addition to UI improvements and bug fixes on both Android and iOS, you can now set the preferred JPG compression rate, or even save lossless (PNG) when exporting.

Look for the update to hit the Play Store and App Store today. But if you are on Android and want to side load this update via APK you can hit the link below :
 Happy editing!
Source : Google
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