Android “Whipping Up Something Sweet” For Tomorrow To Celebrate Android’s Eighth Birthday

Google owns Android and they are kid from heart. They like to hide small easter eggs in every OS and things like that. 

They also love to tease its fans. With the Pixel ad-teasers popping up all over, and its Pixel announcement happening on October 4, a new Chromecast, Google’s home assistant, and smartwatches over the horizon, this new teaser could mean anything.  Android turns eight years old today. 
Android’s Twitter account tweeted that it is whipping something up for tomorrow (likely for the anniversary, hence the cake emoji). The picture has the Android guy (A.K.A. Bugdroid or sometimes Andy) holding cute little whisk and bowl with what looks like a couple of egg yolks. 

Next to him lays a pile of KitKats, marshmallows, and nougat. Strangely, Lollipop is missing.  What could the teaser mean? 
Is Google going to do something involving past Android candies? At this point there are more questions than answers.  What do you all think Android is up to? 

Do you know what the tweet means? We hope to find out tomorrow.
Source : Twitter
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