Google Just Confirmed October 4 Launch of the Pixel Phones

Google's official YouTube channel has just dropped a teaser video that confirms an October 4th announcement. As you'd expect, the clip doesn't give too much away, though the numerous sightings of both models over the past few hours offer glimpses of what can be expected.   

Amid the torrent of recent sightings, there's been some less encouraging news with regards to the price point of Google's Pixel duo. It was previously thought that the larger Pixel XL would arrive at $649, and the less-expensive smaller Pixel would subsequently be cheaper. It now looks like the standard Pixel's starting price could be as high as $649 at entry level, which would come as a slap of cold water to the faces of current Nexus fans.

The Big G's new clip is simply entitled 'Oct. 4', and the video's description links to a splash page that we've linked to at the source. As you probably guessed, the event will be live streamed to all. We now have confirmation that it begins at 9AM Pacific on October 4.
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