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Google Station To Provide Public Wi-Fi Around The World

Google Station To Provide Public Wi-Fi Around The World

For the past year, Google has been testing a program in India designed to bring free Wi-Fi to public spaces. Now the company is ready to roll out the same initiative around the world under a new name: “Google Station.”

Google Station promises fast Wi-Fi in public spaces, which could include cafes, malls, train stations and other venues. The company also promises to keep the service safe and offer an easy login process. Google’s offered internet access in India for free through the program, but the company hasn’t said if it plans to charge users in other countries.  
Google partnered with Indian Railways and local internet provider RailTel when it first launched in India, and it’s looking for new partners around the world. That could mean large venues and organizations, along with network operators, fiber providers and infrastructure companies. The new Google Station website even includes a form where interested potential partners can sign-up.  

Google Station is mostly focused on developing regions where internet access can be hard to come by. Google also notes that roughly 15,000 of its current users access the internet for the first time thanks to Google Station.
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