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Google Teases Pixel Phone Camera Samples

Google recently made it official that they are organizing an event for Pixel phones. Now let's talk about the site which they are using to showcase it. 
The Made By Google website that’s being used to promote their October 4th (5th in Australia) launch is a pretty one. It’s basic, but shows a number of pictures encased in a phone shaped graphic that cycle through. 

Hidden in the code of the website alongside the pictures are two extra photos that could very possibly be from the upcoming Pixel phones themselves.  The shots are labelled as Extras and a quick look in the old EXIF viewer shows us a resolution of 4048×3036 or when you work out the MP rating from that, they were taken on a 12.3MP sensor – just like the sensor rumoured to be shipping inside the Pixel phones.  

There’s not a lot to them other than that in the EXIF data, so it’s a matter of checking them out and seeing what you think – personally that night shot with the illuminated skipping ropes looks the business.  

Now, if we make a little further leap – ok, it’s a hell of a leap – and think perhaps that Google is also using cropped and compressed pics from the Pixel phones to power those images cycling through the phone shape, you could get a bit of an idea what to expect from the camera as well, but worth checking out anyway. There’s no EXIF information in these shots, they’re literally compressed and cropped so there’s nothing there.  
Anyway, here’s all the pictures from the site: