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[Leaked] Google's Upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL Front Panels And More

On October 4th, Google is expected to begin a new era by introducing the Pixel and Pixel XL. The handsets are both made by HTC, and will replace the Nexus branded stock Android handsets. In a way, this takes us back full circle. The very first Nexus handset, the Nexus One, was manufactured by HTC in early 2010. 

Pixel XL/Marlin Front Panel (Black)

Pixel XL/Marlin Front Panel (White)

We've seen a number of renders showing the back of both Pixel models, Today, we have some new renders revealing the front panels of both devices.  The source of the images, a parts dealer in Hong Kong, says that the Pixel's screen weighs in at 4.99-inches, while the Pixel XL measures 5.46-inches. Both models have a two-tone back with a fingerprint scanner underneath the rear camera. 

Pixel/Sailfish Front Panel

The pair are expected to be the first smartphones in the states to contain the Snapdragon 821 chipset, and just the other day we passed along a rumor that the Pixel XL (not sure if it is the 32GB or 128GB model) will be priced at $649.    
Source : Winfuture

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