[APK] Google's Wallpaper App Lands On Play Store

When Google Pixel system dump leaked, we got various new applications from it. And one of the app called "Wallpapers", was the new way of Google providing us the wallpapers. A different category for each kind of wallpaper and it get's changes daily.

Google Wallpapers just landed on Google Play Store, most of you might got the notification of the update, the new update brings some UI tweaks and bug fixes. So there is nothing new in that but Google linked it up with Play Store so that we can get updates easily. 
The app is divided into five categories — Earth, Landscape, Cityscape, Life, and Textures — each of which has a “Daily Wallpaper” option.

After selecting a wallpaper, you can see more info about it, such as where the picture was taken and by whom. Respectively, if you go for one of the stunning satellite images by Google, you can tap the “Explore” button to open the location in Google Maps and take a better look at it for yourself.

And new wallpapers are being added on the daily basis. Likewise, if you opt for a photo, you will be able to browse other works by its author on image sharing platform 500px.
So if you haven't got notification for the update yet, here is the apk and the Play Link below :

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