Google Allo Gets ‘Stranger Things’ Sticker Pack

Google Allo Gets ‘Stranger Things’ Sticker Pack

Halloween is right around the corner and Google never misses any opportunity to be on the trend. Today, Google’s Allo app has a new sticker pack for us. The pack, which many will likely appreciate, is inspired by the Netflix original series, Stranger Things. 

If you are not aware of this show, then you should try it. This is an Sci-Fi show takes place in the 80s, with the “upside down,” a little supernatural girl named Eleven, and one of the best soundtracks ever put inside of a television series.

Anyway, the sticker pack for Allo features all of your favorite characters, as well as phrases from the show that might fit inside of a real conversation you might be having in everyday life.

It's got a couple dozen chat-oriented stickers based on the show including not one, not two, but three Barb stickers. There's also the monster in full face-flower mode and some impressive 80s hair.

To use the Stranger Things sticker pack, go make sure you have the latest version of Allo installed, find at least one other person in the world that uses Allo, then have at it.

Source : Google
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