[Leaked] Google Phone 5.1 Brings New UI

This morning word came in that the official system images that’ll come preloaded on the Pixel and Pixel XL when they begin shipping had leaked online, so obviously we got our hands on them and began investigating. We weren’t surprised with what we found as there’s the usual files necessary to make an Android device run, different elements to provide feedback to the user, and of course a ton of APKs. So many APKs, in fact, that we can’t write about every single one. 

So, today we present you Google Phone's app which got a new UI. The new updated app brings a whole new UI when we call a user, the background which is blue is transparent and it shows your wallpaper.

 Also there are some small UI tweaks like color correction, the blue is bit more darker on Phone app and the red button which cuts the call is more darker. That's all, the phone app definitely got a version bump from 4.0 to 5.1 and that's all we could find. The APK is taken from the system dump and it works on 6.0+ and from here you can download it :

Let us know in the comments if you find something else.
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