[Update: Another One][Leaked] Here Is The First Commercial For The Pixel Phone

Updated Article! (Look at the end)

Google is about to release the Pixel and Pixel XL in a couple of hours, it is a little surprising that there ares till even more leaks hitting the web. Today, we saw Verizon tipping us the Pixel renders and information, and now we’re seeing what looks to be the first video ad for the Pixel leak out just a couple hours before the main event. 

This year, Google is taking a very top down approach to things as well as cutting out the middleman where their flagship smartphone are concerned, and the Pixel and Pixel XL will both be marketed as phones “by Google”.   

According to the Droid-Life story, which shares the YouTube video from a reader, the advert in question is already live on Canadian TV, which is where the the read recorded it from. The quality of the below video isn’t quite as good as it could be, as it has been recorded from a TV up close, but it’s interesting to see what Google is looking to push this device in a more mainstream manner, as well as perhaps spend more money advertising these devices in general. Again, this is confirming that Google themselves is wanting to own this year’s releases and ads such as these aren’t a terrible way to do just that, by any stretch. TV ads like these, that appeal to a more general audience, could be the key Google needs to get across to the average consumer.  

The ad in question has been embedded down below, and while it won’t be long until this goes live in earnest from Google themselves, it’s always fun to see how much stuff leaks out ahead of these announcements and for Google’s big day, the answer has been “a lot”.

Update : Someone recorded another commercial of Google Pixel which is almost the same as the previous one. Here it is :

Source : Droid Life
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