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LifeProof Made Waterproof Cases For Google Pixel & Pixel XL

There are many people who like their phone waterproofed and this is one the feature that is missing from the Pixel and Pixel XL that the internet has been criticizing Google for leaving out is water resistance. 

Sony and Samsung phones have been water resistant and waterproof for several years now, so the fact that Google is asking so much for a device that competes with those phones without the same features is a little dicey.

Regardless of how you feel about the absence of water resistance for the Pixel phones, LifeProof is picking up the slack. They’ve announced a series of cases designed to make the Pixel waterproof and they’ll be sold directly through Verizon. Here’s their statement:

The precision-engineered designs are waterproof to 6.6 feet, drop proof to 6.6 feet, dirt proof and snow proof. A built-in screen protector helps keep the display free of scratches and all device features and functionality remain intact.
So for those of you who were disappointed with the Pixel’s IP53 certification, this might just be the case for you. No word on availability yet.

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