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Review Says Google Pixel's Battery Life Is Amazing

In the world of smartphones, after everything including performance, sound, display there is one important  form factor which is : how is the battery life? With the Google Pixel phone shipping in just a few days, one big question on everyone’s mind is how long it will last.

There is one lucky Reddit user got their hands on the device before launch and gave a small review after few days of playing with Google’s Nexus-killer. Here are his battery stats after a full-day of use:

And by looking at these we can say that these are some pretty amazing stats! What's more amazing is  that it was done in a real-life scenario where all the device’s capabilities were being used including the camera, navigation, flight mode, phone, and WiFi. As you can see, there are some other apps too in the battery graph, the OS, Waze, Android System, Google Services, and Phone idle. They were mostly connected to mobile data except for what appears to be 2 flights including a layover after which it seems they probably flipped on their GPS to navigate around their new locale.

The user mentioned the stats are from 9AM to 10:30PM without charging. That’s 12 hours of real-world use with 40% battery life left, estimated to provide them with an additional 8 hours of juice, meaning it’s likely the Google Pixel can easily last a full day with 20+ hours of battery life.

Some additional screenshots provided by the Redditor reveal a bit more:

Here we can see the user achieved 3+ hours of screen on time and had 10+ minutes of voice calls. We think that’s very impressive and a selection of comments on the Reddit post reflect similar sentiments, let us know if you agree. Also included are CPU and Phone Signal history over a two and a half day period.

In terms of fast-charging it seems the Pixel performs as advertised, with the OP claiming that the included USB-C wall charger is fast, especially when powering through the 20% to 85% charge range.

We’re incredibly excited to see this early report suggesting the Google Pixel gets impressive battery life, but we’ve also learned to be cautious about early reports and rumors. Battery life tends to outperform expectations on brand new phones, dragging a bit soon thereafter, so we’ll see how the Pixel holds up when people download their entire repertoire of apps and games.
Source : Reddit

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