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[Video] First Google Pixel Unboxing

[Video] First Google Pixel Unboxing

Google's latest smartphones are on everybody's lips as people talking about them a lot. There were few lucky ones who got their hands on the device because their carriers accidently or shipped their devices early. So like them, today, there is this lady which shows us the Google Pixel Unboxing.  We are not clear how did she got her device so early, but who cares.

As she states that it's her first unboxing, we don't expect a high quality unboxing, she is not a reviewer or anything but gives a pretty good idea at what's in the box

So. What’s in the box?:

  • Google Pixel (White)
  • USB-C 18 W adaptor with USB-PD
  • USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • USB-C to USB Standard-A plug cable
  • SIM tool
  • Headphones with rubber earbuds (In few countries)
  • OTG Dongle
  • Safety and warranty information
  • Quick start guide
  • Google Assistant card
  • Google Social promo card

Enough talking, we leave you with the video. Check it out yourself, this might be the very first video of unboxing a Google Pixel on YouTube. 

Source : spiffykerms

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