[Root] Enable Stereo Speakers On Your Pixel XL

[Root] Enable Stereo Speakers On Your Pixel XL
Picture Courtesy : TheVerge

When Google Pixel was announced, hardcore Android enthusiasts got upset because it doesn't have front facing speakers and it has just one speaker at the bottom, not two. However, XDA Developers always got our backs with stereo speaker mods for each release of the Nexus device going all the way back to the Galaxy Nexus. So, today we introduce you to a mod that serves to give your Pixel XL stereo speakers.

Take a note, this whole process will require root. So if you don't have root or familiar with it, please don't attempt to do so. We are not responsible for your loss in anyway. The developer of the mod author states : 

The Pixel is a little bit different. Like some other phones with the SD820 it uses a separate speaker DAC/amp, which makes this mod quite a bit more tricky. Let me get this out of the way: the bottom speaker gets *much* louder than, for instance, the one on the Nexus 5. You cannot expect the earpiece to get this loud to create any form of "surround" effect. The only way to get there is to lower the volume of the main loudspeaker. This is what I'm describing below. This work is in no way, shape or form complete. For now, I'm giving here an outline on what needs to be done to enable dual-loudspeaker playback. I encourage others to try it out and chime in.
If you want to try this mod, there is no flashable .zip yet. So, you’ll need to edit the files if you want to test this.

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