New Google Play Store UI Going Live For Few Users

New Google Play Store UI Going Live For Few Users

Few days back, we told you that a leaked Google Play Store UI was caught on a video posted by Google. Now it looks like Google is testing the update for the app, and it’s already appearing on some user’s devices. The UI changes are very minimal but gives the app a new feel.

Here is what's new, first of all there is a big button which says “install” when installing a new app takes up nearly the width of the screen. The app’s rating and number of installs are also available on the main screen instead of having to scroll around for that information, make the whole reading experience easier.

On the main screen, the green icons and header now have a darker shade of green which looks great. The app carousel also gets a big redesign, moving from the top of the screen to just below the search bar with a new card-like design. 

This is a server-side change, not via an update to the app itself. Google usually roll the update over the week, but are not sure when this update will be rolled out, no official words from Google. 
What do you think about the new design?

Source : Android Police
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