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[APK] WhatsApp Beta Update Brings Two-Step Verification And Play Voice Notes In Background

[APK] WhatsApp Beta Update Brings Two-Step Verification And Play Voice Notes In Background

Recently, WhatsApp adding tons of useful feature to their app. Today, they finally added two-step verification in their latest beta app. What it does is, it makes your account more secure than ever, says WhatsApp. When your account have two-step verification enabled, any attempt to verify your phone number on WhatsApp must be accompanied by the six-digit passcode that you created using this feature.

Also, WhatsApp gave you an option to add email address to your account, so that when you reset your passcode if you ever forgets it. But WhatsApp says that it does not verify this email address to confirm its accuracy so it is recommend you provide an accurate email address so that you’re not locked out of your account if you forget your passcode.

You can enable two-step verification by heading to Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable.

WhatsApp added another improvement which is, to play audio messages in the background. Previously, you had to keep WhatsApp open and stay within the conversation to hear any voice message received in it. Now, you can wander away freely, switch to other conversations or even other apps, and as long as the voice message isn't over and your phone's screen doesn't turn off, the audio will continue playing. (The joy!)

Both two-step verification and background audio message playback are available in the latest WhatsApp beta (and a few versions prior) that you can grab from the Play Store by joining the official program or from APK Mirror, you can find the link below :

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