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[Root] Fix For Google Pixel Audio Distortion Issue

Recently we reported that Google's Pixel phones are having an audio output issue, which makes the audio distorted on a certain volume level and the issue is not always reproducible.

Also, Google knows about the issue and forwarded the issue to the Pixel development team, so we can expect an update. This whole issue is related to software but not hardware because we are getting reports that people who are using different ROM other than Stock are not having this problem. So today, we will show you how to fix your Pixel phone.

There is this custom ROM (WETA) that allows the user to select Viper4Android in place of the stock audio driver during installation (Aroma). I decided to give it a go on one of my replacements and well, no more distortion. We've tested across various apps side by side with my original Pixel XL and no matter what, the distortion has disappeared. Keep that in mind, use this MOD or ROM only when you are facing the issue not everyone is facing this issue which is quite interesting because this is related to software, so everyone should be facing this but only few of them has this.

Note : This is process requires OEM Unlocking your devices (full wipe), installing TWRP, and installing the MOD or installing the ROM into the correct boot slot, I would only recommend that users with experience flashing custom ROMs try this procedure.
Kickedface is not responsible for anything goes wrong at your end.

So, let's get started. First of all there are two options you get, either install a custom ROM or if you want to stay stock but you are already rooted, you can install a Mod. Today, we will tell you how to install the MOD because that is convenient rather than installing the whole custom ROM but then it is your choice.

Also, you can see the difference in the video between Stock and WETA :

So if you are willing and familiar with these procedures, here is a fix you can use until Google decides if and when they will correct it. Follow the XDA thread for your particular model to install the ROM from below :

WETA XDA Thread for Pixel: Pixel
WETA XDA Thread for Pixel XL: Pixel XL

Let's get to the MOD now. To flash the MOD on your device requires unlocked bootloader and TWRP recovery.

Here are the links to download the MOD and just flash it through your TWRP recovery, that's it! There two types of MOD available, one is Aroma Installer and the other one is normal one :

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