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Google Giving Out Pixel Mini-Sweaters In NYC And Offering $15 Off On Live Cases

There’s a pop-up Made by Google store in New York City at the moment, and it is giving Pixel owners little knitted holiday sweaters…for their phones. The sweaters look like every other holiday sweater, except perhaps for the large G knitted in the middle, but they’re miniature size. Slip your phone inside and make it feel special in an ugly-holiday-sweater sort of way.

Starting December 17th, through December 23rd the NYC Made by Google pop-up store is running a promotion that sounds pretty cool. If you visit the store any one of those days between noon and 6pm, Google says "you'll have the opportunity to take home a sweater-shaped cookie, a Pixel-sized sweater, a human-sized sweater, a Pixel phone, or a combo of all these items." It appears as though the promotion is only open to those who own Pixel phones, but the fact that Google is also giving away Pixel phones makes that part of it a bit murky. 

The store has a knitting machine on hand to make the phone-sized ugly sweaters (though maybe not the human-sized ones). Either way, it's a really interesting idea and we'll definitely be keeping watch. You can also follow the fun on Google's official Snapchat account. If you're in the NYC area, you can visit the Made by Google store at the corner of Mercer and Spring in SoHo.

And If you don’t live in NYC then Google still has you covered. As announced today on Google’s “Nexus” Twitter account, you can grab a Live Case for your Pixel or Pixel XL at 15% off. There’s a catch, though. The tweet is wrong — in fact, you’ll be getting a whole $15 off your case as Android Police noticed. For now at least, it seems like the coupon code HOLIDAYLIVECASE is working for $15 off any Live Case.
Source : Twitter (Sweater) | Twitter (Cases)

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