[Report] LG G6 May Have The Google Assistant Support

After launching their modular phone G5 this year, South Korean electronics conglomerate LG will launch its G6 smartphone next month. According to Business Korea, LG is working with Google to include Google Assistant with the launch of the G6. 

Currently, the only phones with Google Assistant are the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. If LG were add Assistant to the upcoming LG G6, it would make LG the first brand outside of Google to use the Assistant.

Not only is LG reported to be looking at incorporating Google Assistant on the smartphone side, but the report also mentions work the company is doing with Amazon’s Alexa. We aren’t quite sure whether this alludes to smart fridges or washer and dryers, but it does appear that LG is working with multiple companies to broaden its usage of IoT and digital assistants. In the long run, this hopefully leads to only good things for consumers.

Beyond the G6, the report also mentions the potential collaboration we will see between LG and Google to create a couple of smartwatches, none of which is new news. However, it is nice to see this info reverberating outside of the US in the market that LG is based.

We are expecting to see the G6 unveiled at MWC in late February.

Source : Business Korea

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