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[APK] WhatsApp Beta v2.17.6 Adds GIF Search And Raises Media Sharing Limit From 10 To 30

WhatsApp’s really been gradual when it comes to rolling out a complete GIF support to its app. In August last year, WhatsApp rolled out the ability to convert videos and share them as GIFs, then a couple of months later, WhatsApp allowed users to share GIFs saved on their devices, later it finally added the feature to search and insert GIF through GIPHY, but that was rolled out exclusively for iOS. At last, the search and insert GIF feature has been rolled out to Android as well.

Which means, you no longer require a third party app like a Giphy, or the GBoard app, or to have the GIFs saved on your phones beforehand to share GIFs now. The function shows up within the keyboard when you tap the emoji button in the text box. With the new update, users will be able to see a new GIF option right next to the emoji button at the bottom bar. You can then scroll through popular GIFs and insert them right away or search GIPHY for a keyword to find the appropriate animation for your current state.

When GIF support first launched, users could convert live images or videos into short GIFs and send them on WhatsApp. Later, you could even share saved GIFs directly from the phone, and now integration of Giphy makes GIF-sharing extremely seamless.

Furthermore, a significant change with respect to image sharing has been introduced. The ceiling limit of sharing 10 photos at a time via WhatsApp has been increased to 30. This change will be greatly welcomed by users, as sharing bulk images on WhatsApp was a tedious task due to the cap. This raise in ceiling limit will smooth things out a bit. (Go crazy!)

As we said, if you want to try out these options, you need the version 2.17.6 beta of the app which you can obtain either by joining the Google Play Store beta and downloading it there or by grabbing the APK directly from below :

Source : Android Police

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