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[APK] Snapseed v2.15 Brings New Curves Tool, Improved Multi-Line Text And More

Google pushes the first 2017 big update to their photo editor called Snapseed For Android. For the first big update of 2017, the company is adding a new curves tool to version 2.15 of Snapseed and some other features as well.

Here is the changelog of the app which was posted on the Google+ :

  • New curves tool
  • Choose location of word wrap in multi-line text
  • Improved face detection
  • Higher quality grain in black and white filter

There are many photo editors for PC which has curves tools of their own, so it’s great to see something like that for a mobile editor. As you can see in the screenshot, the tool puts a straight, diagonal line on an image. When you will move that line around, it will change photo’s brightness level and colors tone with more precision. The tool in Snapseed offers up some presets that are designed as a guide for the more advanced photo editor to use Curves.

In addition, Snapseed’s Face filter now allows you to “ask” it to try harder if it has issues detecting a face (we assume if you ask nicely, you get better results). The Text tool has also been updated to let you choose where to wrap lines in all multiline styles. Finally, the grain quality in Black and White mode has also been improved in version 2.15.

All in all, this seems like a solid update for Snapseed, and we suspect the curves tool will be used a lot by more advanced editors. Be aware that the update is still rolling out so it may take a little while to reach your device but if you want to sideload the update via installing the APK you can do it from the below :

Source : Snapseed (Google+)

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