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[Update: APK] First Look At Tesla's New Mobile App With New UI, Fingerprint Authentication, And Widgets

Update : APK Added!

Today, Tesla accidently or intentionally updated its pictures for their app on the Google Play store before launching the new update, but it will be available any day now.
The picture you are going to see is from the Android app, but the iOS and Android versions had the same UI and features before and our last report on the update was based on the iOS version.

The UI overhaul includes refresh buttons, a more detailed render of the user’s vehicle, and the addition of direct hotkeys to the functions instead of having to toggle between different screens.

The overall look is a lot cleaner and darker than the previous version, which is over 4 years old at this point.
Here’s a gallery of the new UI:

The new look is only one of the improvements made to the new app. It also features touch identification login and widget integration, according to sources familiar with the update.

Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the company was about two weeks away from releasing the app, which was previously associated with Tesla’s upcoming v8.1 software update.

Update : Apk is now available and you can download it from below. The app version is v3 and is the same update as we told you above.

Source : 9to5Google