YouTube Website Receives Material Redesign With Dark Mode And Here Is How You Enable It

Material design has been something that Google has been working a lot on, over the past few years. This design style was introduced in a mainstream fashion with the Android Lollipop OS. The material design consists of rounded and minimal icons, and a carded interface. Responsive animations and transitions too, are used in this design. A YouTube material design for the desktop users was introduced last April, however it was under the testing phase. It has now come to light that many users are now getting it.

In addition to a new user interface, it seems that YouTube now also supports a Dark mode. However, even if you’re still seeing the old version of YouTube in your desktop browser, there’s a method of forcing the new Material Design-inspired user interface regardless of where you’re located. Here is how :

  • Go to
  • Open Developer Console (usually by pressing F12)
  • Put in document.cookie="PREF=f6=4;path=/;";, hit Enter and reload the page.

The Google-owned YouTube has recently been hard at work improving its video service, though most of its efforts revolved around the company’s Android app. This coincides with the firm’s insistence to commit more resources towards bettering the broadcasting element of its service, YouTube Live. This live streaming platform is being pushed as an alternative to Facebook Live and similar services, and seeing how YouTube is mostly encouraging content creators to broadcast videos spontaneously throughout their day, it makes sense for the company to initially focus its efforts on its mobile offerings. Still, the redesign of the browser version of YouTube will play a role in unifying the overall user experience of the service seeing how the YouTube mobile app already received a similar overhaul recently, just like many other Google’s app and services did.

YouTube has been getting various other updates too in the past few weeks. We first saw the arrival of double tap to seek, a feature that enables users to move forward or backwards in a video by simply double tapping the screen. Following that, in a new update, YouTube now allows the users to set the amount of time they want to skip forward or backwards by double tapping. With the YouTube material design, it will be interesting to see if Google does it with more services too in the future.

Source : Android Police

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