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Google Maybe Working On A Third Phone Codenamed As ‘Taimen’

There’s another fish in the talks if we’re going to talk about the next Pixel phones. Aside from the ‘walleye’ and ‘muskie’, Google is believed to be working on a third device known this early as ‘taimen’. We’re not familiar with the kind but it really is a fish in the salmon family. It’s also known as the Siberian salmon but a few months from now, it will be more known as a new Google Pixel phone. Just like yesterday, nothing is still certain but it’s interesting to know that the tech giant is even considering a third phone. 

We’re not sure if this device will be a phone because the ‘taimen’ is said to be a large fish. We’re thinking it could be a new hybrid tablet that will be a follow up to the Pixel C. But then again this ‘taimen’ is really said to be a smartphone–just bigger. It could be the biggest model while the other two will be the standard and liter versions.

This would make sense, given the large size of the taimen fish (pictured above) that the phone is clearly named after. DL also believes that 'taimen' is a separate project from 'muskie' and 'walleye' internally, which likely indicates that while 'muskie' and 'walleye' are the successors to the Pixel and Pixel XL, 'taimen' is a whole new product.

We’re used to seeing flagship Android phones come in pairs so having a third product is something new. There’s another idea that the ‘taimen’ will be totally a separate model so that could be it.

At this point, there’s not much to tell. We’re taking everything with a pinch of salt especially when it comes to the next-gen Google Pixel phones.

Source : Droid-Life

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