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This Is How The LG G6's Wallpaper Was Created In Months

You'd think that stock wallpapers would be computer-generated images with not much soul and backstory to them.  In the case of the LG G6, it’s pretty darn good. As it turns out, LG took a couple of months to create the image, relying on physical mediums for its creation, not digital renders as you might expect. The Korean company has taken a more authentic and personal approach and has made the wallpapers from actual physical sheets of cardstock.

In the video below, they show the chronicles the adventure, we can see the designers utilizing paper, acrylic, plus a variety of paint to deliver what ended up being the final design. With a little guidance from Pantone, LG’s wallpaper for the G6 is undoubtedly vibrant, textured, and plenty colorful.

When you buy the phone, you don't see the beautiful journey behind it. Others don't and won't have any sort of appreciation for this. Nor for the amount of work and time it takes to do something like this. Some of you might think it is silly, some of you might find it gorgeous.

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