[APK] Google PhotoScan 1.4 Gets Glare Removal Optional And Adds Photo Sharing

Google released a new update for PhotoScan app, which brings two new features. The app is getting a tool to turn of glare on photos and is making sharing easier. 

PhotoScan already removed glare from scanned photos, still sometimes the lighting is just right, and there is no glare present. With the latest update you can now turn off glare removal and scan in one step resulting into high-quality photo. You can still use all the existing PhotoScan feature like cropping, edge detection, image straightening, and rotating to the correct orientation. In addition, you can now share your scans right from the app.

Launched in November last year, PhotoScan lets you scan any photos which you can store in your smartphones or tablets. You can then scan these photos and save to Google Photos. Google said the latest updates will roll out over the next few days on Android and iOS.

If you aren't seeing the update to 1.4 for any reason, feel free to pull down the latest from APK Mirror.
PhotoScan by Google Photos
Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free

Source : Google

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