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Google Publishes Google Assistant SDK

Recently, Google posted the developer preview for the Google Assistant SDK. So what does it mean for consumers or users like you and me? Nothing yet, but it most definitely will a little later down the road.

With the release of this SDK preview, developers can begin to build integration between their hardware and Google’s digital assistant. Google highlights someone could create a robot with Assistant built in or even a voice-enabled smart mirror. The possibilities go on and on.

Here’s a bit more technical of a description for what this SDK includes, courtesy of Google :
The Google Assistant SDK includes a gRPC API, a Python open source client that handles authentication and access to the API, samples and documentation. The SDK allows you to capture a spoken query, for example “what’s on my calendar”, pass that up to the Google Assistant service and receive an audio response. And while it’s ideal for prototyping on Raspberry Pi devices, it also adds support for many other platforms.
If you’re a developer, go get started.

Source : Google