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[Download] New Paranoid Android Wallpapers

Want to get your hands on the latest Paranoid Android builds, but too busy? But you can at least enjoy the new wallpapers that are bundled with it.

Hampus Olsson, the creator of the wallpaper did an amazing job on these ones. They have added new bunch of wallpapers,  he also did the backgrounds for all the OnePlus devices excluding the One, so if the style is familiar, that's probably why. 

They're a collection of almost fractal organic liquid patterns that call to mind all sorts of different things. They look like geographical features: islands, deltas, deserts, or ice floes, and some almost evoke scenes from nature, like a view through trees or rocky mountains. Frankly, they should be in a museum somewhere.

They will look just fine on smartphones with Full HD or Quad HD Display. Let us know which one is your favorite? 

Check out his website for more wallpapers : Hampus Olsson