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Google Announced Android Go, Their Latest Attempt To Make Android Run Smoothly On Budget Smartphones

At Google I/O, Google announced Android Go, a new latest project to make Android run better on budget Android smartphones.

The project will be based on Android O. To make the OS run smoothly on low-end budget devices, Google will be optimising the System UI and other aspects of the OS to ensure that there are no performance issues on devices with 512MB and 1GB of RAM.

Additionally, Android Go devices will come with smarter Google apps with multilingual support. For example, Chrome’s Data Saver feature will be enabled by default on Android Go devices so as to save data usage. Similarly, the normal version of the YouTube will be replaced with YouTube Go on these devices, which is lighter and consumes less data than the normal app. It also features Offline Sharing and the ability to save videos for offline viewing.

Lastly, Android Go will come with a version of Play Store that will highlight apps optimised for budget devices. Android Go’s version of Play Store will come with dedicated new categories that are suited for low-end Android devices.

Google says that Android Go will release alongside Android O, with all devices having 1GB of RAM or lower running Android Go by default. All future releases of Android will also have a Go release from now on. The first set of Android Go devices are expected to hit the market in 2018.

Source : Google

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