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Google Photos Gets Archive Feature Which Hide Images From The Main Feed

If you use your Google Photos app very much then you might be making a mess in terms of organizing and getting cluttered, Google has a way to help clean that up without deleting content.

Today, Google Photos has a new feature called Archive which is rolling out to users. Now, you’ll be able to select photos or videos to remove from the primary photo viewer, and simply slot them in a different folder. This means you can clean up the primary camera roll without deleting photos. (The archived photos will still be present in albums, though.)

To make it work, users just need to select a photo or video, or multiple of each, and then select the menu at the top right of the screen. There’s a new archive option. Select that and your chosen photos and videos will be put in a separate archive folder. Or you can slide out the side-menu and tap on Archive, selecting photos afterwards.

The new feature begins rolling out today. A link to download Google Photos is available below.

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