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How To Use Picture-in-Picture Mode With YouTube On Android O Beta

Google released Android O Beta at the I/O 2017 which introduces many features.One of these is a picture-in-picture mode which currently works with YouTube. Here is how you can make them work : 

  1. Launch the YouTube application
  2. Find a video to watch and tap on it so that it is playing
  3. Simply select the home button and the video player should shrink down in size
  4. With the smaller player, you can move it around your display, play and pause the video, skip to the next video if you’re viewing a  playlist, or tap on the headphones icon to have the video play in the background
  5. At any time, you can select the smaller player and tap on the center icon to reopen the YouTube application
  6. When you are done watching it, simply move the player to the bottom of the display and it will close
Note: Some users have found that picture-in-picture mode doesn’t work with YouTube right after upgrading their devices to Android O. To fix this issue, go to the Google Play Store listing for the YouTube application and then uninstall all updates. Picture-in-picture should now work.