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Android O Might Be Oatmeal Cookie

If you are an Android enthusiast or love Android in any way, you get easily excited when every year Google releases a new OS update with a new name for it. So everyone is wondering what will Android O’s name be? Oreo? Oatmeal cookie? Ox-tongue pastry? It could be anything but we got an evidence which indicates Android team will announce Oatmeal Cookie as Android 8.0’s name, thanks to our source myce.

There are multiple mentions of OC” in Android’s source code as Oatmeal Cookie. In the vast libraries of Android code, OC comes up a few times, along with “OC-MR1.” However, these mentions does not confirm anything.

The screenshots below show off a few spots where “OC” is mentioned.

Beyond source code, folks who attended Google I/O this year and sat in on sessions may have also learned the Android team’s naming plan. As we can see from the below image, code clearly says “oatmeal cookie.” Red herring? Seems unlikely that Google would make that big of a deal about it.

Personally, the only time the name has ever mattered was KitKat, where we saw special KitKat packaging on store shelves. Beyond that, it really doesn’t matter. However, if Oreo makes it as the name, I will fanboy so hard over the possibilities of special Oreo packaging with little Bugdroid characters. Do it, Google!

Source : myce