Google Is Testing a Transparent Google Now Panel

Google is testing some sort of transparent UI to the Google Now panel which looks really good to me, compared to all plain white it hides all the redundant space which Google Now has. This redditor claims to not be rooted and running clean Android 7.1.2 on a Pixel XL with the May security patch. He has a stock phone, from what we can tell.

The overall UI isn't changed except the background is transparent and shows the current wallpaper. It does look like the “Upcoming” page’s shortcut within Now has been moved up top too. Well, for those who were seeing that “Upcoming” page at all, since I am on some phones (non-Pixel) and not on others (Pixel). From this redditor’s description, it sounds like some items are either broken or have odd/new behaviors (swiping way cards, for example) as well.

It’s tough to say if Google is actively rolling this out or just testing it. But we've seen this UI pop up a few times, so this is probably something Google is actually considering as an official UI. It does look cool, but it could be a little hard to read text if you have a busy background. 

Would you want a transparent Google Now?  

Source : Reddit

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