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[Report] Google Buries ‘Muskie’ As Next Pixel XL In Favor Of Larger ‘Taimen’ Device

Few months back, we got a few codenames for the next Pixel phones by Google for a smaller and larger phone. A new rumor now suggests that the presumed 2017 Pixel XL has been canned and will be replaced by a third device that previously already leaked.

According to a report on Monday, Google has cancelled its forthcoming Pixel XL sequel in order to make room for an even larger device. Android Police says the phone - believed to be codenamed Muskie - has been shelved in favour of another handset dubbed Taimen.

According to the report there’ll still be two Pixel phones, contrary to speculation that Google will be adding a third to the mix this autumn. The sources are confident that there will only be two phones from Google later this year.

For the most part, slimming down their line-up makes sense to avoid confusion. This current strategy of selling two devices has proven quite well for Google, with supply only now beginning to improve.

Concrete specifications for Google’s upcoming hardware line-up are scant, though we have been told in the past that a variety of new chipsets are being tested: “Snapdragon 83X chips, others with Intel chips.” A focus on camera performance and features, though not megapixel count likely, while waterproofing is “still on the table.”

Source : Android Police