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Youtube Is Testing New Floating Video Player

As you all know, YouTube v5.0 added floating in-app video player which is very convenient and basically you can make any video you're watching turn into a small window on the bottom right by swiping it down, pressing the down arrow in the top left corner, or simply pressing the Back button and swipe it away to close the video.

Looks like YouTube is testing a new way of showing that floating window or we can say a new UI for that in-app floating player. The new UI make the window much more wider and with more information and controls.

Previously it was just a window and you had to tap the window to get the controls like pause, play. But now it gives you control without tapping the video and the title of the video as well. We know this isn't something groundbreaking but we might see few more iterations of this new UI.

Below you can see how it looked before and then after:


We can't provide you an APK of this update because this is an server side change so even if you download the same app version, you might not see it. However, for some of you who are still curious about the app version it's v12.29.57, which is running on Android O DP4, we don't think running Android O is making any difference.

Let us know if you are seeing this too by commenting below!

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