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[APK] Action Launcher Updated To v30, Brings 'At a Glance' Widget And Colored Search Box Icons

If you are into custom launchers, there are many good custom launchers and one of them is Action Launcher. It is one of the famous launcher due to how quick the developer which is Chris Lacy, adapts to the latest features of Google's Pixel Launcher and put it in Action Launcher with more customization.

The recently two update of Action Launcher has added AdaptivePack icon integration and a customizable bottom search box which we have seen on Pixel 2. The latest update v30 has the Pixel Launcher's 'At a Glance' widget, which tells your next calendar appointment with weather and date, and an option to colorize the icons in the search box.

The search box at the bottom, which was added in the last update has now so many customization options, like the box shape and color or the Google logo. Also, you can now change the color and pattern of any icons you've added to the box. There are two Google-colored options, in stripes or a grid, and you can also change the angle they display at.

Christ Lacy says the launcher will run much better on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 now and has many fixes overall. You can update to Action Launcher v30 via the Play Store, or install it manually via APKMirror from below :

Source : Chris Lacy