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[Download] Google Pixel 2 New Alarm Sounds, Notification Sounds & Ringtones

When Google released the first Pixel and Pixel XL, they came with new alarm, notification, and ringtone sounds. Looks like Google will do this with every Pixel because today, we have the new alarm, notification, and ringtone sounds from a Pixel 2, so you can use them on your own device.  

There are no old sounds, all of them are new and if you want the Pixel 2016 sounds, click on the link above. So, now let's checkout the new ones :

Alarms :

My favourite alarm sound is Icicles, which is very subtle but loud. Good enough to wake you up!
Notifications :
My favourite notification sound is Pipes, because I like subtle and sweet sounds.
Ringtones :
And my favourite ringtone will be The Big Adventure. It sounds great.

UI Sounds :

Also, the menu from which you select sounds has been changed on Pixel 2, it doesn't pop anymore. It fills the whole screen like a different page. Here's what the same menus look like on the original Pixel with Android 8.0 Oreo:  

Above : Pixel 2 Running 8.0 / Below : Pixel XL 2016 Running 8.0
For those who want these sounds on their phone, download them from below and just place the files in the Alarms, Notifications, and/or Ringtones folders in your phone's storage (/sdcard/) to see them in the sound picker.

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